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Organs in the Monadnock Region


The range of organs stretches from a reed organ in the Munsonville United Methodist Church to the three-manual organ in Keene's United Church of Christ. 

(Editor's note:  Information on this page is pending with continued research in the area.)

George H. Ryder, Opus 7, 1873, 14-rank, two-manual tracker

Union Congregational Church, Peterborough, NH

Lawrence Nevin Organ, 1992, 27-rank, two-manual

Unitarian-Universalist Church, Keene, NH

Allen/Faucher Organ, 2013, hybrid pipe and digital combination,

9 original ranks plus 24 digital stops

Marlborough Federated Church, Marlborough, NH

Berkshire Organ Company, 1947, containing revoiced stops from

Estey Opus 522, 1908 and 3247, 1957

St. James Episcopal Church, Keene, NH


Berkshire Organ Company, Opus 20, 1967, 35-rank, three-manual

United Church of Christ, Keene, NH

E. & G. G. Hook, Opus 419, 1867, two-manual

Tracker action

Unitarian-Universalist Church, Peterborough, NH

Estey Organ Company, Opus 3128, 2015, 7-rank, two-manual, enlarged to 11ranks by Walker Pipe Organs

Electro-pneumatic action

Fitzwilliam Community Church, Fitzwilliam, NH

Woodberry & Harris, Opus 112, 1893, 12-rank, two-manual

Tracker action with electrified Pedal and tonal changes, rebuilt in 1977,

Federated Church of Winchester, Winchester, NH

Estey Organ Company, c. 1920, one-manual

Reed organ

Chapel by the Lake, Munsonville, NH

George Stevens, 1871, 17-rank, two-manual tracker

Rindge Congregational Church, Rindge, NH

Noak Organ Company, Opus 29, 1966, 22-rank, two-manual, containing some 1909 Hook & Hastings pipes

First Baptist Church, Keene, NH

Austin Organ Company, 1980, 22-rank, three-manual

Positive located in Gallery, French configuration

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Peterborough, NH

Estey Organ Company, Opus 533, 1908, 7-rank, two-manual

Tubular-pneumatic action

First Congregational Church, Swanzey, NH

Hook & Hastings, Opus 1131, 1883, 5-rank, one-manual; tonally altered

Tracker action

Harrisville Community Church, Harrisville, NH

John G.Marklove, c. 1870, 5-rank, one-manual, tonally altered and enlarged, Tracker action

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Dublin, NH

George H. Ryder, 1882, Opus 105, 9-rank, two-manual

Tracker action

Congregational Church UCC, Charlestown, NH

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