MAGO Scholarship Program


MAGO Scholarship Program Goals


  • To provide ½ to 1 hour organ lessons in preparation for career in organ performance and/or church music; or

  • To provide organ coaching for a qualified keyboardist in a current church organist position; or

  • To provide organ study to review and improve basic skills for service playing


Regulations and Procedures

1) Scholarship recipients should currently study with or be accepted for study with a member teacher of the Monadnock Chapter-AGO.

2) Scholarship recipients must be a member of the Monadnock Chapter AGO. As such, upon notification of a scholarship award, the recipient will have 2 weeks in which to join or renew for the ensuing membership year beginning July 1. Once a member in good standing, the chapter will announce the scholarship winner and convey the lesson fees to the teacher directly. If the recipient does not complete ALL of the requirements, the scholarship award will be forfeited.

3) Awards are to be used solely for organ and church music study. There is no age limit. Consideration will be given to a variety of goals and purposes for study, as described in the MAGO Scholarship Program Goals.


4) The total amount of resources available from the Scholarship Fund will be determined annually . The Scholarship Committee will review qualifications, potential, and alignment with the Monadnock Chapter-AGO Scholarship Program’s goals to determine the final recipient(s).


5) Awards are considered and granted on an annual basis. A recipient may be granted a lifetime maximum of two awards, but must re-apply to be considered for a second grant.


6) Recipients will be required to perform in the annual Monadnock Chapter AGO Members Recital, held in the Spring of the scholarship fiscal year (approximately one year from application). Often this concert is in June.

7) To apply, Applicants should submit a letter of application to the Monadnock Chapter AGO Scholarship Committee stating:

a) the goals you wish to achieve through study;
b) your musical background
c) a completed recommendation form from your current music teacher, another music teacher, school teacher, choir director, or someone who can assess your skills, work habits, and potential.   Current retained organists should submit this recommendation from their Music Committee Chair, choir director or pastor.

d) contact information (address, telephone, email)
e) name of AGO member teacher with whom you are or will be studying, if applicable
f) a brief biography, listing any interests or activities that tell us about yourself


8) Application form may be printed out from the MAGO website or requested from the Dean at the address below.


9) Please submit information to:


MAGO Scholarship Committee
Mary Ann Fleming, Dean, MAGO

54 Carriage Hill Rd

Hancock,  NH   03449


10) Applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship. The names of recipients will be announced thereafter on the MAGO website.


11) Scholarships have a one-year expiry from date of award.